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Make a Forcefield in HitFilm Express!

Learn to make a force-field in #HitFilm Express with some ProductionCrate VFX!


Haha seeing a lot of creative entries into this month's 10 Second VFX Contest!

Spider-Man Web Shooter Effect Hitfilm Express Tutorial | Red's Fx

#HitFilm users excited for the Spider-Man movie? Check out this tutorial from RedAlert! showing you how to do some cool Spidey FX of our own!

Submissions for this month's 10 second contest "Edit This Footage" are now open! Think you got what it takes? Join the Show!

Back from the Future - ProductionCrate Contest Entry

Trapdoor to the Past

Irreversible Loop - A 10 Second Sci-Fi Short Film ( Contest Entry)

ProductionCrate - Time-Warp Watch

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Make a ForceField in Hitfilm Express

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Spider-Man Webbing Effect

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