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Yondu's Arrow from Guardians of the Galaxy - After Effects Tutorial

Adrian 'Quickdraw' Jensen just came out with this new Yondu's Arrow tutorial from Guardians of the Galaxy. Check out the After Effects tutorial Here

I Wish the Universe Revolved Around Me

I feel like there's a message here... Great new entry into our 10 Second VFX Contest!

Submissions for this month's 10 second contest Wish gone wrong are now open! Think you got what it takes? Join the Show!

1st place for last month's contest Worst Super Power Ever. goes to LASER ⁽ᵖᵒᶦᶰᵗᵉʳ⁾ VISION by Coosey Goosey Productions!

LASER ⁽ᵖᵒᶦᶰᵗᵉʳ⁾ VISION

THE WIPER (Lamest Superpower..?)

Snail Man

Nearly Invisible- Production Crate Contest

Fart Girl vs Ninja

fire dude

Ball Or Nothing

Harry Potter-Broom to boom

Fly Man Rise of the Swarm

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