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VFX Community Spotlight

Hitfilm Ignite Express, Red Giant Universe, DBZ Fan Film & more in our community spotlight.

Download VFX - Nuclear Explosion

The most requested effect on our User Requests page, Nuclear Explosion, has been completed! Check it out, thanks to everyone who voted

Matte Transitions in HitFilm Express - Tutorial

#HitFilm fans! Alpha Matte Transitions tutorial, now live

Submissions for this month's 10 second contest Time Travel are now open! Think you got what it takes? Join the Show!

1st place for last month's contest Wish gone wrong goes to MAFIA PASTA!

Tooth Trouble

Cable Tie - A 10 Second Short Film

A Wish Gone Wrong - ProductionCrate Contest Entry

When wishes don't (properly) come true

Worst Wish Ever (Never Run Out of Gas)

I Wish the Universe Revolved Around Me

Fish Wish

The Fastest Man Alive

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Matte Transitions in Hitfilm

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Superman Takeoff - HitFilm Tutorial (Part 2)

HitFilm · Beginner

Explode a Dude

After Effects · Beginner

Matte Transitions - Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere · Intermediate

Superman Takeoff - HitFilm Tutorial (Part 1)

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